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Architectural Design and Drawing Services

L.A. Design Collective LLC offers architectural design services and permit drawings. We are experts in the following drawing plans and diagrams:


Existing plans

The as-builts or existing plans show how your space is today. This includes existing walls, doors, appliances and equipment.

Architectural plans

The architectural plans illustrate the new space and shows locations for new walls, doors, appliances and equipment.


Mechanical plans

The mechanical plan shows locations for the existing furnace, radiators and venting.

Electrical & Lighting plans

The electrical plan shows outlet and panel locations. The lighting plan shows light and switch locations.



Plumbing plans

The plumbing plan shows the sink, toilet, bath and shower locations.



Riser Diagrams

We provide water, sanitary and gas riser diagrams, as required, to accompany your permit plans.


We specialize in small basic permit plans, so most of our drawings will be comprised of typically no more than two oversized drawing sheets. Contact us now to learn more about our architectural design services.

About Us

L.A. Design Collective, LLC was founded in 2005 in Washington D.C. as an architectural design and drawing company. We help homeowners enhance their living environment with functional and practical designs. We specialize in small projects such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

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